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Monday, November 26, 2007 

How To Choose Good Value Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides coverage against financial and other losses that you may incur while traveling domestically or internationally. You can either get it at the time of booking your trip, for the exact length of the trip or you can get it for a longer period. Travel agents, travel insurance companies, cruise lines, or tour operators can all help you with purchase of continuous travel insurance.

Here's a list of some of the most common risks that are covered by travel insurance:

- Cancellations and/or Curtailments;
- Delayed departures for flights, and other modes of travel;
- Loss, theft or damage to personal belonging and money including travel documents;
- Delay or loss of baggage;
- Medical expenses/Sickness;
- Emergency evacuation/repatriation;
- Overseas funeral expenses;
- Accidental death, injury or disability benefit;
- Legal assistance for travel related needs;
- Personal liability;
- Loss of income due to other reasons.

Some travel insurance companies have travel policies, which will also provide you extra coverage for additional price. However, these costs vary widely from carrier to carrier. Here's a list of the extra insurance coverage that can be purchased for an additional fee:

- High risk sports (e.g. bungee jumping, scuba diving, sky diving);
- Travel to countries with high risk (e.g. due to civil wars or natural disasters);
- Travel with pre-existing medical conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes, heart conditions).

There are several types of policies available depending on your needs. If you travel more than twice a year, then you can avail the option of an annual holiday insurance policy, rather than buying two single travel insurance policies. Some basic types of policies available are:

- Single Trip Cheap Travel Insurance. Perfect for those who take one main holiday annually. It covers single trips anytime in the year with a duration of min. 3 to max. 183 days per trip.

- Annual Multi-Trip Cheap Travel Insurance. If you travel over two times in a year, then this holiday coverage works well for you. Not only do you get flexibility and peace of mind knowing you are covered for each trip, you will also save on money. You can make unlimited trips of up to 45 days each through the year.

- Backpackers Cheap Travel Insurance. Students and backpackers may insure themselves by opting for this insurance type. Travelling to unknown countries and places where you may not even speak the language is a path fraught with danger, but with a travel policy, you'll be secure in the feeling that if you meet with an accident or fall sick, you'll be able to get the necessary medical assistance. It usually covers trips from 31 days to 18 months per trip. Some carriers also include up to 40 Adventure Sports in the policy.

Some of the other travel insurance types are Ski/Snowboarding, Senior Citizen and Long Stay Travel Insurance policies. Choose the best one for you, stay covered, and be stress free on your holidays!

T. O' Donnell http://www.ttinsurance.co.uk is a licensed credit broker based in London, UK.

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